Hey there!

I'm Jenene. I am a designer that lives and breathes strategy. My goal is to go beyond pretty color palettes to help bring brands to life in an insightful way, a way that will drive credibility and profitability to your business. 

Don't worry: I still love me some pantones/hexcodes! In fact, nothing makes me happier than creating something beautiful/striking/thought-provoking from nothing. I believe every brand has it's own unique visual story to tell and I love collaborating with clients to create that narrative.

I have over 15+ years of experience, including a decade working in advertising in NYC (it really is just like Mad Men!). I've worked with both blockbuster brands and wee boutique shops—accessing the distinctive needs of each to create strategically sound brand experiences. 

Ready to create a beautiful, timeless brand and knock-yer-socks-off website that will bring your business next-level? 


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Family portrait colored by my daughter Violet, next-gen art director.

Interested in seeing my healthcare advertising portfolio or cv? 

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